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Metal Business Cards Videos

Metal Card Videos

Welcome to the Metal Cards Product Video Examples

What better way to experience our stylish and elegant metal business cards than to view a few of our metal card videos!

Please note that it can be hard to capture the true sheen, shine, detail and depth of our custom business cards in a video, so we must say that nothing is better than seeing your own metal product with your very own eyes!


Please make sure your YouTube setting is on HD to see all the details and metal shine.


 Stainless Steel Cards


Satin Stainless Steel with Detailed Cut-Through 


 Satin Stainless Steel with Coloured Ink


Satin Stainless Steel with Coloured Ink and Laser Engraving 


Satin Stainless Steel with Pattern Cut-Through and Coloured Background and Ink


 Brushed Stainless Steel with Black Ink



Matte Black Metal Business Cards


Matte Black with Border Cut-Through, Pattern Background and Coloured Ink


Matte Black with Cut-Through and Etching


Matte Black in Custom Shape with Border Cut-Throughs and Etching with Coloured Ink


Matte Black with Matte Black Etching and Coloured Ink


Gold Plated Metal Business Cards


Mirror Gold Plated with Pattern Background and QR Code


 Brushed Gold Plated with Cut Through and Etching



Gun Metal Metal Business Cards


Gun Metal with Cut-Throughs and Coloured Ink


Brushed Gun Metal with Coloured Ink and Etching 


Bottle Opener Metal Business Cards


Matte Black Bottle Opener Card 


Brushed Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Card with Ruler Etching and Coloured Ink 


Brushed Copper Metal Business Cards


Brushed Copper with Pattern Background, Cut-Through and Coloured Ink 


 Brushed Copper with Standard and Deep Engraving



We hope you enjoyed sampling some of our stunning custom metal business cards.

Liked what your saw?  Get in touch with our customer service team and let’s get started creating your very own metal card or metal product.


We look forward to working with you!