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Business Card Mockups To Make You 100% Happy

We Want You To Love Making Your Metal Business Card


Here at Metal Cards Australia, we are all about making our clients 100% happy with their metal business cards and custom metal products. 

But how do we ensure that clients become raving fans of their new business cards or metal product? 

Easy!  By providing, FREE of charge mind you, professional and highly skilled graphic designers who happily create, craft and perfect every client's business card mockup design.  

And on top of that...

Our professional graphic designers will provide UNLIMITED card design revisions until every client is 100% happy and satisfied with their business card mockup.


What do our business card mockups mean for you?

With every order of a premium metal business card or metal card product, you are also receiving high quality mockup design so you know exactly what your card will look like when you recieve the metal business card in your hot little hands!

There will be no surprises and no guesswork.  

Working closely with our skilled graphic designers, you can, as we like to say, "let your imagination run wild!" and create the perfect metal business card design for you.


Why have a business card mockup?

You may have no idea how to create a business card design, or you have some ideas but not sure how they will translate onto a card.  Or perhaps you have several design ideas that you would love to "see".  

Whatever it is, by getting a professional business card mockup created, just for you, you can really see:

  • if the design works with the card and metal finish you choose;
  • if the colour suit and complement each other and the metal finish;
  • if the design works in the business card dimensions or if it is too busy or cluttered; and
  • how different design ideas work, and you are able to pick the design that really shows off your brand.

As you can see, there are plenty of big positives for having us create your metal business card mockup so you can really see your card come to life and how it will look in real life.

Exciting hey?!


How to get your design proof

 It's very simple.  In fact, we have spent many years perfecting and simplifying the process so it is as easy and 1, 2, 3 to get your personalised card mockup.

All you need to do is following these steps:

  1. Go to our homepage at or our SHOP page
  2. Select the metal finish you would like to have for your metal business card
  3. Fill out our "request for quote" survey so you can select all the design elements you want on your metal card as well as explain to us how you want the design to work (or you can fill out just a few items if you aren't totally sure what you are looking for)
  4. We will email you back with the cost of the metal card or metal product, based on your design requirements
  5. Once you accept the price, we will create your business card mockup design on our custom business card templates and email the design proof to you
  6. You can see exactly how your card will be produced, and you can make any changes (no matter how big or small) to the design, until you are totally happy with it.
  7. Your card is produced and ends up in your hands, proudly representing your business and brand!

     What Next?

    Now it's your turn!

    Thank you for reading our post about our high-end business card mockups.  Now it's time to put your metal card dream onto metal and let us work with you to create your ideal metal business card.

    It's simple and fun to do, and we love designing metal cards!

    Contact us or fill out the website survey and let's get creating... together :D



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