Why Metal Cards?

Australian businesses, well any business really, need a way to keep their business cards out of the rubbish bin, away from the secondary purpose category and safely into the wallets, purses, pockets, desk drawers, fridges and memory banks of their prospects, clients and colleagues.

And so, the Metal Cards Australia concept was born.

In March 2009, Australia was introduced to this innovative and premium new business card material that guaranteed a professional, stylish and eye-catching way to present business information. A product that made business cards a well-received item that even started conversations, congratulations and conversions!

For over the past decade and a bit, Metal Cards Australia has been creating premium metal business cards and metal products for small, medium and big businesses and individuals across Australia, in all industries and for a wide variety of events.

All cards are made from top quality marine grade stainless steel, are eco-friendly, durable, strong and highly appealing. The Metal Cards range includes a variety of premium metal finishes. Our most popular finishes include matte black metal cards, gold metal cards and the classic brushed stainless steel cards.

So, if you want to do something different and link your brand and business with sophistication and high-quality professionalism, then create your own custom metal business card for an immediate business upgrade and you will have a stylish, attractive and memorable business card to proudly hand out and display.

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