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It’s time to get a business card with a QR Code

 Level up your metal business card

It’s time to level up your business card and really stand out from the crowd and take advantage of technology.  And it is super simple when you buy a business card from Metal Cards Australia.

Combine the sophisticated and eye catching elements of a metal business card, with the technologically advanced (and definitely cool!) QR code.

We can print onto your metal card design any type of QR code you want. 


What is a QR code?

Let’s start from the beginning before we share with you all the benefits of having a business card with a qr code.

QR code stands for Quick Response code. 

It is a 2 dimensional barcode that can contain a lot of information – up to 3KBs, making these codes more useful than traditional barcodes.


But why do you want a QR code on your business card?

Here are the important reasons why you should design your metal business card with a QR code:

  • You are instantly enhancing the effectiveness of your business cards by allowing prospects, clients or colleagues to add your contact and business information to their device through the use of your QR code, without the hassle of having to write it down.  All they need to do is scan your QR code and the business information is right there!
  • Why not add your business information to the business card QR code?  Information such as opening hours, website, address, GPS directions, review pages and/or future directions can all be stored in the QR code and can be shared with others
  • Share your social media information with ease by including such information in your QR code.  This is a very effective way of allowing your contacts to get in touch with you, easily and simply, by giving them access to all your social media accounts through the use of a simple to scan QR code
  • Did you know you can share samples of your professional work through a QR code?  Cool huh?  You can store samples of your artwork, music, designs, blogs, YouTube videos, written work etc in your QR code and easily share it with prospects or clients.  A smooth way to share your expertise without any hassle for the other person.  So think about what types of files or PDFs or audio files you don’t have to worry about carrying around with you, when you can store them on your metal business card QR code


But wait there’s more!

It is important to remember this:  You need to tell people why they should scan your business card QR code.  Others need to be told the why they would want the information stored in your QR code.

Make sure you have some information on what they will get by scanning your code.  It might be simply you telling them, as you hand over your metal card, that they can scan the QR code to get access to your social media accounts or by scanning the QR code, they will see a selection of your previous work.

You can even include a brief explanation of what is stored in the QR code on your card, so others know exactly what to expect.  We can easily add this to your metal business card design to make it exciting for a prospect, client or colleague to scan the card QR code.


So now that you know all the benefits and “how tos” of using a QR code on your business card, now it’s time to create your QR code. 


But how do you create a QR code? 

Well it’s very easy and quick to make a QR code. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to a QR code generator. Just google that term and a bunch will appear.  Pick one you like the look and feel of
  2. Input the details you want to include in your QR code. It can be anything that you want
  3. Generate the QR code
  4. Customise the QR code appearance:
    1. We recommend 2cm x 2cm in size
    2. the code does NOT have to be black and white!
  5. Select colours if your chosen generator will allow you to. It’s a great idea to pick colours that complement your business branding
  6. Check and scan your QR code to make sure it is working correctly
  7. Download the QR Code as a PNG, JPG, EPS or SVG, or download it as a vector


Time to Get Stylish!

Once you have created your QR code (as vibrant and colourful as you want or monochrome if that suits your brand styling better), it’s time to bring your metal business card to life.

Send us the image of your QR code, along with your business card design requirements, and we can add it to your metal business card design so you have a stylish and high-end business card with your QR code, ready to easily and simply share information with others, while definitely standing out from your competitors and being remembered by prospects, clients and colleagues

This will be a great way of conveying a LOT of business information in the exchange of one business card. 

And seeing as we are all time poor, this is a perfect way to get across the most important business information in the most efficient manner.

 business card with qr code