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What Metal Business Card Thickness Is Right For You?


It's time to get the low down on metal business card thicknesses


When it comes to getting a business card, it is important that you get the right card thickness for your business metal card.


Because the thickness you choose for your metal business card will completely change the look and feel of your card.

Let's go through each of the metal thickness we offer here at Metal Cards Australia and what each thickness means.


Business Card Thickness


1.  0.35mm metal thickness

This is our thinnest metal card and also our most popular.  There are several reasons why this is a great choice for your new, personalised metal business card.

  1. It is thin and light, so easy to carry around in your purse, wallet or pocket;
  2. Enjoys the durability of stainless steel metal, so it lasts a long time without losing its colour, shape or high-quality look and feel;
  3. Thin enough that it can fit anywhere any ordinary paper business cards can be stored;
  4. You can enjoy the benefits of a high-quality metal card, such as the sophisticated and novel looks of a metal card, yet it is more affordable than the thicker metal card options.


2.  0.50mm metal thickness

The metal business card thickness of 0.50mm is a middle of the range metal thickness that we offer in our exclusive metal cards range.  

This thickness is a great choice for the following reasons:

  1. You can enjoy the benefits of a thin and light metal card while having more strength of having a thicker metal;
  2. Stronger and more sturdy than the 0.35mm metal thickness;
  3. Gives a more premium feel and weight to the card;
  4. The thicker feeling makes the card stand out from the thinner cards people carry around, like ordinary paper business cards.

Overall, choose the 0.50mm metal thickness for your business card if you would like the perfect mix between thin and light and strong and premium feel.


3.  0.80mm metal thickness

And here we arrive at the thickest of our premium metal business cards, the 0.80mm thickness.  It is the thickness of a bank card/credit card.

Although we must let you in on something... We can make MUCH thicker metal business cards if you want.  Like 1mm or 1.2mm... But, there is something to be aware of, the thicker the metal of the card, the heavier the card is going to be to carry around.

Our 0.80mm business card thickness is really the ultimate in luxury.  Let's look at the benefits of choosing this metal thickness:

  1. Thick and heavy, giving a very high-end and luxury look and feel;
  2. No flexibility in the metal, so it is very strong and durable - keeping it's shape, colour and textures/patterns regardless of wear and tear;
  3. It is perfect for VIP and exclusive membership and loyalty cards as it is a work of art in itself!
  4. It definitely stands out from the crowd as it is quite thick and demands attention and respect.

One thing to point out with the 0.80mm metal business card thickness is that it will be quite a bit heavier than the 0.35mm and 0.50mm metal thicknesses.  


4.  1mm metal thickness

This is one of the thickest business card metals we offer at Metal Cards Australia, and it is best reserved for our bottle opener business cards.

Because our exclusive metal bottle opener cards are used to not only promote your business and brand, but are also very handy bottle openers, a thicker metal is perfect for the all important task of opening up that bottle!

We offer both 0.80mm and 1mm metal thicknesses for our bottle opener metal business cards.  We can also go up to 1.2mm if you want a bottle opener which is nice and sturdy.

So when it comes to choosing a bottle opener card for your business and brand, we recommend going for the thicker metal to ensure you card is easily opening many a bottle while encouraging your prospects and clients to talk about your business over a few quite ones :)


And that's The Thin and The Thick of it!

Thank you for reading our blog post all about metal business card thickness and how each level of metal thickness plays in a role in how your business and brand is portrayed to your prospects and clients.

We hope you have learned how to pick the right business card thickness for you and your business, and we are more than happy to help you out in any way we can.

Remember, if you want a real luxury and premium, high end feel - especially if your cards are for client VIP and loyalty cards, then go for the thicker metals. 

If you are wanting an attractive and exclusive metal business card as your everyday business card, and want to keep several on you for any networking events, then we recommend choosing the thinner business card thicknesses, as they are easier to carry and won't be too heavy when they are grouped together.


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